Irest Nidra Teacher Training – Whitespace Yoga

In September 2018 I spent a week at “Whitespace Yoga” in Milton Keynes studying “Irest Yoga Nidra”. I have always been a fan of Nidra as it allows me to empty my mind, leaving me me with a sense of inner peace and calm, once I have reset through Nidra, I am able to channel my energies into projects a lot easier with a feeling of focus. I was drawn to a particular practice of Nidra called Irest, the thing that interested me about Nidra Irest was that it was research based and had been adopted by the American Military with some great results for the participants. it was a moving week of continuous practice which led to light bulb moments for many of us in the group. You can learn more about Irest here I’m looking forward to introducing as many people as possible to Nidra in 2019, I’m hoping they will feel the positive benefits just as I have.